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Customer-led Action Culture

We have started to drive meaningful action from our insight which has been used to:

  • Define future range decisions
  • Change the labour operating model to better reflect customer needs
  • Obtain a greater understanding of customer pain points and moments that matter
  • Provide a Group-wide Financial Services offer

Loyalty and Retention

We will more actively drive customer loyalty and retention by:

  • Supercharging our CRM programme, providing compelling reasons for customers to return to our brand
  • Building cross-Group loyalty programmes to optimise lifetime value and advocacy

Progress made

  • Accelerated investment in our financial services offer giving us double-digit sales growth year-on-year and access to a new customer demographic.

Priorities for the year

  • Double the number of customers shopping across the Group, fully utilising the new Group web platform and our single customer view and CRM systems.

Case Study

Financial Services

Over the past year we have been working hard to expand and improve our financial services offering, with significant growth coming through this channel. We have provided our customers with more ways to spread the cost of their purchases, in our Retail stores, our Autocentres garages and online. Our proposition in Autocentres, where customers can receive unexpected repair bills, is largely unmatched by our competitors. As a result, our value perception and customer satisfaction scores have increased, showing that we are offering a solution customers want and see value in.

Our financial services proposition has attracted new customers to the Group, in particular younger and female customers. These are all demographics that we under-index in.

The COVID-19 pandemic is likely to drive an economic contraction, leaving many consumers with lower levels of disposable income. In this environment, a strong financial services offer is critical, giving customers options on spreading the cost over a longer time period. The work we have done during the year, and continue to do, will put us in a strong position